About Us

Lake Zurich Florist started serving the community 75 years ago.  We are a consistent and reliable member of the local community.  We bought this wonderful landmark in 2018 with the capital and the desire to make sure the flower shop survives and thrives for another 75 years.

We immediately remodeled the shop, updated the flower coolers to environmentally friendly standards and introduced systems and software that allow us to serve the public in a modern and conscientious way.

We now invite you to visit us in our new location at 17 S Old Rand Rd.   



We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new building and invite you to come and experience it for yourself! Whether you're interested in attending a fun, hands-on workshop or browsing through our expanded line of beautiful gifts, which now include a variety of candles, fragrances, and table top decor perfect for hosting your next gathering, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Join us as we celebrate this exciting new chapter and immerse yourself in a world of creativity and inspiration. We can't wait to welcome you to our space and share all the wonderful offerings we have in store for you.


Yes, we offer flowers on the internet, but we are NOT an internet florist.  We know you have choices galore when buying flowers, but we cling to the tradition of a specialized, custom and friendly local flower shop; not a flower factory banging out arrangements that anyone can make.


We Love Our Work:

Just walk through a flower garden (we have nine formal gardens surrounding our home in Lake Zurich) and feel your heart rate slow, your general mood improve and your senses emote.  Flowers bring joy and we love translating that joy to our clients.  Fresh flowers are a gift – and we skip to work every morning knowing that we can share that joy with our clients.

What a great job!  Surrounded every day by the scents and changing seasons of fresh cut flowers – taking those raw stems and making them into a statement.  We are so lucky to work in this community and offer the pleasures that only fresh arrangements can bring.


Our Work Brings Joy:

We provide beauty to the most significant days of your lives – and we know how it affects the recipients who take comfort and joy in the beauty only flowers can deliver.

No matter the occasion, we can elevate the senses of the ones you love by delighting them with color, texture and ambience. 

Flowers reach the soul like no other thing on earth.  Please allow us to reach the soul of the ones you love – and delight them in a way no other tangible thing can.


Make Flowers Part of Your Normal Routine:

The traditional flower days of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day are a key ingredient to reminding the ones we love about how much we love them.

Adding a subscription service to repeat those sentiments is a great way to keep your loved ones joyous and always reminded how much you love them.


We offer weekly, monthly and holiday-based subscriptions that will deliver the love with a discount!  Please contact us about our various programs to keep the scents coming.  Remember, we offer Love, Joy and Flowers.