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Pam's Patch Honey 12OZ

Pam\'s Patch Honey 12OZ

About Pam's Patch Honey: To be Local honey it must have the same plants for the bees to glean as the area that you reside.

It is  purer honey this year-lots of CLEANER  nectar up this way (milk weed, prairie flowers, clover fields, Chain of Lake wetland grasses, cat tails and lots of budding native trees for the bees to safely forage.). There are fewer chemically treated yards and roadways in the country so Antioch is a perfect choice for local honey. 
Pam’s Patch is a small state registered apiary on 19 acres of farmland.  Pamela is a committed lifetime learner of all things bees.  She is a member of the American Beekeepers Association,  Eastern Apiculture Society, Illinois Beekeepers Association, Florida Beekeepers Association, Georgia Beekeepers Association, Alabama Beekeepers Association and is a certified Honey Judge.